Roger & Carol Selby
On December 15, 1941, Roger Selby made his grand entrance into this world. When he got older, he remembers that his Mom told him “it was a heck of a time to bring a baby into this world”. Roger was born in San Francisco, Ca. seven days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. It was a chaotic time for the country, but united we stood, and flourished.

Roger and Carol have also flourished, and they have a great story to tell!

At fifteen years old, Roger’s family moved to San Mateo, Ca. about 20 miles south of the City of San Francisco. Roger always loved cars. A special time suspended in Roger’s memory was when he was about 14 years old. The Dad of one of his friends owned a 1955 Chrysler 300. It was red with saddle tan interior. His friend was old enough to drive, and Roger and a few other friends were invited to go for a ride. They drove several miles on a straight-a-way, and they went “REALLY FAST”!! Roger was HOOKED on cars from then on.

As the years passed, Roger always had his priorities – and a major one was that his cars had to be cleaned to perfection.

When he and Carol met, Roger was 18, and Carol was 16. He owned a ’57 Chevy at that time. They went on a blind date with another couple who were also car nuts. To this day, both couples continue to be lifelong friends. I asked Carol when she knew that Roger was going to be her future husband. She shared that being so young, marriage never entered her mind until after high school. They always had fun together, but, in the beginning Roger really liked Carol a lot more. I think that Roger always “just knew” that Carol was the one for him. She fondly remembers that he would “pop up” when she was having a soda with her girlfriends and surprise her. Roger graduated from Burlingame High School, went to College of San Mateo JC, and then attended the University of Oregon. At that time he owned a ’56 Corvette. When he got the chance, he remembers he would go see Carol who was still living in San Mateo. Roger has always enjoyed the ‘The Need for Speed’. He made many trips to see Carol when he was in Oregon, but one special memory he will always treasure is the time he drove his ‘Vette “100 MPH in weather that cooled to 100 degrees upon arrival at his destination in California around midnight”.

While they were dating, both Roger and Carol each owned a 1950 Buick. It certainly was another sign that they were meant to be together.

After four years of dating, they tied the love knot, and Roger and Carol got married in 1963. They honeymooned in Hawaii, and when they got back, they road tripped in Roger’s 1963 Jaguar XKE driving through California, Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona . They started their new life together, and eventually their children Stephen, Michael and Karen completed their family.
What a Handsome Couple
Carol and Roger Selby
married in 1963
Roger had two distinct chapters in his life: Before and After Chrysler Products.

Early in his life, Roger was a successful Motorcycle Dealers for 15 years. He then went into business for himself, successfully operating his Motorcycle Accessories Wholesale business that lasted 25 years.

In 1969, Roger raced his Kawasaki at the Bonneville Salt Flats Race Track, and set two World Records for going 149 MPH and 129 MPH respectively with his Motor bike. The temperature out at the racetrack that day was 126 degrees. Roger’s performance record shows he certainly does well in HOT weather!! Ironically, he preferred and loved the cool weather of the Bay Area all the years living there. Along with his love for fast motorcycles, he owned Ferrari’s and other sports car’s to quell his ‘love for speed’. Despite his love for motorcycles, cars were always FIRST in his life
In later years, however, Roger, now a family man, developed his love for Chrysler Products. One day he attended a small collector Car Auction. That day Roger saw and purchased his first Chrysler Imperial. He still owns his black ’63 4 door sedan that started his collection.

What intrigued him about his Imperial was the more he worked on it, the better it became. He began looking for Imperial gatherings, and he and Carol found the Napa State Meet to attend. Roger and Carol attended their first Paso Robles Statewide Meet in its entirety. When Roger makes up his mind he jumps into projects with both feet. He became Nor Cal Imperial Club President for the next five years.
He fondly remembers that they got to the Statewide Meet late, and Ad Indihar, in her gentle manner, greeted them with her natural charm. Tom Egger also greeted them, and the combination of friendly folks and other beautiful Imperials got Roger hooked on joining the Nor Cal Imperial Club, one of three Imperial Clubs before the merging of IOANC in Northern California. As for Carol, it took her a while to get interested in our beautiful Imperials. She remembers not being able to understand why Roger loved his cars so much. It did not take long before the caring and nurturing of club members brought Carol around to appreciating and finally enjoying club outings. Now she and Roger love attending as many events together as they can. I asked Carol what her best memory of our Car Club was. She thought for a moment, then, shared how ELATED and PROUD she was when Roger got 1st Place at one of the State Meets. She remembers the pride just swelling within her. Aww...I can definitely identify with those feelings.
The Selby Kids—Stephen, Michael and Karen with Mom Carol pictured with Roger’s ‘47 Cadillac Convertible
Roger’s best memory was showing his ’64 Crown Coupe at the Monterey Statewide Meet. It was raining, and he won Best in Show. He also feels that IOANC, like many of our members, is more than a Car Club…it is an EXTENDED FAMILY.

Their family of three children are now grown and live in the Sacramento area. Roger and Carol are now retired. They moved from their home in the Bay Area where they raised their family, to Placerville on five beautiful acres of wilderness. They bought Carol’s dream home, and Roger got to build his dream garage he fondly refers to “The Chrysler Building”. Recently, Roger shared that he and Carol went through their “Rite of Passage” living in their beautiful new home. They have seen all kinds of animals that visit their property. One day, Roger was walking up from the Chrysler Building and he saw a rattlesnake sunning itself. He stopped in his tracks, and called Carol who was at the house. She hurried down the hill with a couple of gardening tools and together they killed the snake. In my humble opinion, they truly share a bond that is unshakable!

Roger and Carol have been married 47 years now. When Carol trusted that her kids were self sufficient, she decided at the remarkable age of 60, it was her time to enjoy going on road tours with Roger. She has not looked back since! She enjoys being a passenger on their Honda Touring Bike, and they have logged miles and miles of travel because both Roger and
Carol love the fun and adventure of it all. Roger recalls one of their latest trips to Canada. They hit hard falling rain as they rode to their destination, and it was still coming down as they drove home. They were BOTH ‘chilled to the bone’, and it took a few days to recover, but, would they do it AGAIN? The answer is YES…as long as they both can enjoy together!

Today, Roger enjoys his retirement. He is a volunteer for the Placerville Police Department and cleans their vehicles. Remember early in his story that Roger always loved his cars clean to perfection. The Police Department vehicles get the royal treatment, as Roger STILL holds true to this great habit. He wears a badge, and his granddaughter thinks it is so ‘cool’ !!
All of Roger and Carol’s Imperials have a story behind them.
On your right—‘63 Black 4-door Crown Southampton purchased at a small Antique Collector’s show. This beautiful Imperial won many awards, and it was the first Imperial in Roger’s Chrysler collection

On your Left: ’64 Crown Coupe – Roger saw an article in the San Francisco Chronicle saying that there was going to be a Firehouse Memorabilia State Auction of a Private Firehouse Company. He read that the Fire Chief’s wife’s car was the beautiful ’64 Crown Coupe he now has in his possession. Every time Roger brings his ’64 Crown coupe to a car event, it inevitably wins an award. This photo was taken at 2010 Statewide Meet in Palm Springs at the Air Museum.

Roger’s other collector cars are two Chrysler 300’s

’64 non letter 300 (Silver)
Roger bought this car from a hippie carpenter in San Francisco who inherited it from his Mom. He shared that she was an infamous hooker during World II, and was very business minded. She saved her money, and moved to Tulare, Ca., where she bought the Tulare Hotel. She was often seen riding around in her black 1955 Cadillac Limousine. Roger found gas receipts in his 300 validating that it lived in the Bay Area.

’65 300L – Roger bought this last letter series car that lived in Detroit. He flew back to Detroit, and drove it home.
Picture on the left shows Carol in front of what remains of Cook Bank Building in Rhyolite, Nevada. It is touted as a Ghost Town located near Death Valley. This is a very popular photographic opportunity. An unexpected fact that Roger shared about this photo, was that 70 years prior to his taking this photo, Roger said he found a similar photo in his Parents album. It was of them, taken at the same location in front of the same structure. The year was 1937. Wow...

Photo taken in 2007 in Rhyolite, Ghost Town in Nevada
Always having fun and being creative Santa Roger and Elf helper Carol
Carol with their Ferrari taken in the 70’s